You & I

Poets spend their lives writing about it, everyone thinks about it, but when love is between two men some people turn a blind eye. This transparent journey of love, circus and friendship celebrates the importance of being visible in a world of closed doors.

This empowering explosion of skill and identity celebrates the loving relationship between two circus performers, using high-level acrobatics, trapeze, magic and dance. Casus’ co-founders Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay invite you into their world to shine a light on how two men can relate without preconceived ideas of what they should be.



You & I

Show name: You & I

Show length: 60 minutes

Touring party: 3

Download TECHNICAL RIDER  here.

Track list:

1. Garden by Sean Hayes
2. Blueschist by Rothko
3. Ping by Hauschka
4. Open Up A Window by Sean Hayes
5. It’s Not Impossible by Ben Sollee
6. Replay by Rene Aubry
7. You Are My Sunshine by Jamey Johnson
8. Beams by Tape
9. Ake by Blick Bassy
10. Pencil Stick by Clogs
11. Contrabanda by DeVotchKa
12. Pfau by Daigo Hanada