Chasing Smoke

The spark that ignites the question “Who am I?” flickers inside us, but only some have the courage to pursue the answer. Chasing Smoke is a glimpse into the world’s oldest living culture told through the limitless art form of contemporary circus. Tumbling through life while juggling our responsibilities in an age where culture, tradition, land and identity are under threat. Chasing Smoke performers ignite the imagination and paint the world that was, that is, and that could be.

Directed by Samoan-Australian director Natano Fa’anana (Polytoxic, Briefs, Casus Circus) an unconventional storyteller who chooses to learn from individuals rather than institutions, Chasing Smoke showcases the next generation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander circus legends in a performance that challenges, amazes, educates and entertains.

Chasing Smoke

Show Name: Chasing Smoke

Show Duration: 60minutes

Total Touring Party: 9

Show Credits: Chasing Smoke was born out of Circus Oz’s BLAKflip, a program that nurtures and actively increases the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander circus artists on stages in Australia and across the globe.